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Dark Chocolate Offers a Variety of Potential Benefits

Many of us regularly enjoy, or even crave, chocolate at times. As you consider your chocolate choices, opting for dark chocolate may be your best bet. Research continues to identify a variety of health and mental health benefits associated with dark chocolate.

New Survey Shows Increasing Loneliness, Including on the Job

Loneliness is a major public health concern and, according to a new national survey more Americans are saying they are lonely. (1)  Loneliness is associated with increased risk for both physical and mental health problems. The health impacts of loneliness are similar to that of other well-known health risks, such as smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and air pollution.(2) Loneliness and social disconnectedness are also associated with increased risk for depression, anxiety and dementia

Addressing Mental Health Stigma in African American and Other Communities of Color

To maintain good mental health, many people turn to friends, family, the church and other community supports, especially when they are going through emotional difficulty. However, there may be times when these supports are not enough to maintain emotional wellness and seeing a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist, is needed. Despite the need for some individuals to seek out professional mental health services, they are hesitant to approach the mental health system due to barriers such as stigma and distrust of the health care system

Healing through Art

Visual arts, whether you’re engaging in them or just appreciating them, can bring enjoyment and encouragement, but expressing oneself through art can also have physical and mental health benefits. Art therapy, a type of psychotherapy, helps provide a way to express emotions and experiences not easily expressed in words. It is not about the final product; it is about healing through the process of making art. Research has identified a range of physical and mental health benefits of art and art therapy.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Psychotherapy Outcomes

Artificial intelligence, the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn, is increasingly being used in many areas, including mental health treatment. A new study uses artificial intelligence to measure psychotherapy treatment and to examine links between specific aspects of the therapy and outcomes. This information could potentially lead to improvements in psychotherapy.