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Health Anxiety Fueled by Online Searching

Most people worry about their health sometimes—more than two-thirds of us are anxious about our health, according to an American Psychiatric Association national poll released in May. We may do a quick Google search, take a look on WebMD or use a handy symptom checker for some basic information and reassurance. But for some, the worry and anxiety become severe, intense and persistent. The extensive amounts of health information easily available on the internet may worsen the problem.

Online Mental Health Screenings: A Potential First Step

Several organizations provide brief online screenings for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health conditions. More than one million people took screenings through the Mental Health America site alone in 2016.

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Linked to Changes in Medication Use Among People with Serious Mental Illness

People with serious mental illness exposed to direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of medications are more likely to stop taking their medications than those not exposed to the advertising, according to new research published in Psychiatric Services in Advance.

Effective Messages to Fight Stigma

Despite increasing public awareness and discussion about mental illness and substance use disorders, stigma is still a major barrier to many people seeking treatment. New research has identified communication strategies that are effective in reducing stigma and increasing public support for policies and programs benefitting people with behavioral health conditions.

Workers Benefit When Managers Get Mental Health Training

Coping with mental health concerns in the workplace can be challenging for individuals and organizations. More days of work are lost to mental illness than any other chronic health condition, including diabetes, asthma and heart disease. A new study finds that training managers on mental health issues can help.