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Enroll in PsychPRO, a CMS-Qualified Clinical Data Registry for all behavioral mental health providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the development and benefits of a mental health registry as well as find answers to questions about accessing and using data, security and privacy, cost and requirements, and how to enroll.


What is a clinical registry?

Why is the APA developing a registry, and how will it benefit psychiatrists?

How does the APA registry work?

Is the APA mental health registry currently in full operation?

I have a specific patient population, for example geriatric or those with serious mental illness (SMI), that may be challenged with completing patient reported outcome measures through an online portal. How will this impact my participation?


What data would I have access to as an APA registry participant?

Is it necessary to have an EHR system to participate in the APA registry?

Can the registry data be used for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System reporting?

Quality Measures

What are the quality measures included in the registry?

Security and Privacy

How does the registry handle patient information and other confidential data?

Who will have access to my data?

How will the APA use the data in the registry?

Cost and Requirements of Participation

What are the costs for participating in the APA Registry?

What are the time commitments for my office staff?


How do I get started?

What are the initial steps for me or my site to participate or join the registry?

Is Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval needed for participation in the registry?

Can I join the registry and leave the registry at any time?

As an international psychiatrist, can I participate?

Do all physicians in a practice need to participate in the APA registry?


How can the APA registry be used for research?

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